Sunday, July 14, 2019

Solving the "Control D" error...Linux

Control D Error:-

Repair the file system By Using fsck command 

fsck /dev/sdb

Steps to Rectify it:-....

1) Enter the bootable Cd/DvD of Rhel.
(The version you are using)

2) Read the control D error carefully.

3) Give the root password.

4) You will go to single usermod.

5) Try to access /etc/fstab file.

6) Will not allow you as will be in read only mode.

7) Enter this command:-
mount -o remount,rw /
(Will give read/write permission to /)

8) Will give u read/write permission to all
the files in /

9)Then again enter into /etc/fstab & rectify ur error.(vim /etc/fstab)

10)Give command reboot or init 5(As per ur wish)

Rectify it & Enjoy the Control D Error.....

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