Tuesday, February 13, 2018

How to install NTP in Linux

Tested configuration:-

At server side:-
1) Yum install ntp* -y
2) vim /etc/ntp.conf 
Here on line 8:- restrict default netrap nopeer noquery (From here remove nopeer and noquery)
3) Then restart ntp service

At client side:-

1) Install package chrony* 
2) Yum install system-config-date
3) system-config-date 
a) (Here check mark on syncronize date and time over network)
 b) remove all ntp server
c) add server IP of NTP server

4) Advanced Option 
a) Speed up initial syncronized (OK)
5) Then restart services

Trouble shooting:-

1) If after restart of service only time is changing then please check hard ware clock of both machines:- By following 
hwclock --show

If hardware clock is not same then sync there clock after restart NTP service

2) If hardware clock are same but still it is not working then change the BIOS cell of machine. It may be Down thats why it is not able to work with hardware.

Please do configuration and if face any problem then please let me know.

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