Monday, January 8, 2018

Website redirecting to another domain ?

Rarely does this happen that when you try to access your website, some wizardry happens and you are redirected to another website which you have never come across or never even heard of. Don’t panic immediately if this ever happens to you. The reason for this unusual incident could range from a simple DNS issue to serious issue involving the hacking to your website.

In this article we will try to explain briefly why this issue can arise if there is a DNS issue with the name server where the domain name of your website is hosted.

Example case study

Consider a real life scenario where a domain name say is hosted on a particular hosting website and the domain name is pointed to its server IP address (say using the hosting site’s DNS panel. Now for some reason the owner of the IP Address decides to switch the hosting provider and shuts down the server that was hosting the domain. But after doing so, it is necessary for the Domain owner to make sure that in the DNS panel, the server IP address does not reflect the domain name anymore. Consider that the DNS was not flushed in this case.
Now the server that was shut down (with IP address, will be utilized for the next customer by the hosting provider. When a new domain name say www.example2.comis to be hosted by the same provider, and the provider decides to deploy the domain name on the server with IP address, (Whose DNS panel still reflects the domain name, this issue arises.

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