Thursday, January 11, 2018

Magento Installation on Linux

Please follow the below procedure to install Magento on linux machines

1. Download the latest magento tar file in your local machine by signing up on offical website.
2. Now using sftp or rsync copy the magento.tar file from local machine to server.
3. Extract Magento package file .
tar xvzf magento-
4. Copy all magento files/directories to domain root folder i.e,  /home/domainname/public_html
rsync -ravP magento/ /home/domainname/public_html/
5. We need to change the ownership of the files located in /publichtml
chown -R domainame:domainname public_html/
6. Now we need to change the permissions for the both Folder in /home/domainname/public_html
chmod -R 775 app/
chmod -R 775 media/
Magento configuration setup:
Now Open your browser and type your domain name, Now you’ll see the welcome/first page of domain.
Now start by continue button and give the concerned Local setting( time zone and currency )

Now go with continue button
Next page will be Database Configuration page. provide the database details
NOTE : If you added  domain through virtualmin by selecting mysql, it creates new MySql database and user, you can use the same details in magento Database connection
Now In the Web Access Options section, selcet skip the baseurl validation.
Now in the next page Create Admin Account page.
We need to an Encryption key.
If every thing is done correctly then following page displays to indicate a successful installation.
Backend will take you to admin login page
To login to Admin Dashboard of Magento, please go to the url http://ip-address or domain /index.php/admin and enter the required credentials created while installation Magento through web interface. We’ll see something like this.
Frontend will be the main site veiw
Magento Installation is done.

Magento Patching
After logging in through admin panel you will be seeing critical,warning messages, which means we need to do patch for concerned messages
The details of the patch will be given in the messages itself
Download the patches from the offical website and upload them in server through Sftp/Filezila
NOTE : If Patch is applied/removed the following message will be shown

Patch was applied/reverted successfully.
Thank you ! Enjoy Magento.

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