Friday, January 19, 2018

How to set up trapper in zabbix

Steps for setting trapper on items:

Step 1:

create host(trapper_junglee) under the host-group(teenpati-production) for which u need to create trapper. (Eg;

Step 2:

create item under created host(trapper_junglee)
Name  : Maintenance
Type  : Zabbix Trapper
key   : maintenance
rest all as it is & update it

Step 3:

create trigger under created host(trapper_junglee)
Name : Maintenance 00:25 - 00:40
Expression : {trapper_healthkart:maintenance1.time()}>002500 and {trapper_healthkart:maintenance1.time()}<004000
Severity : Information
Enable & update the trigger.

Step 4:

Go to particular machine( and select the trigger for which want to add trapper.
    In that go to dependencies and add the trapper time[trigger] by selecting right host-group and host.

Step 5 :

Finally update it.

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