Thursday, January 11, 2018

How to login with Filezilla

Please follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Run Filezilla and go to Edit -> Settings
2. In settings window expand FTP and click on SFTP.
3. Click on Add keyfile and browse to the location of your private key file(id_rsa).
4. When you select your private key file, it will give you a message to convert keyfile.
The file ‘/path/.ssh/id_rsa’ is not in a format supported by FileZilla. The file is also password protected. Password protected key files are not supported by FileZilla yet.
Would you like to convert it into a supported, unprotected format?
Press yes and save your converted private key file anywhere you wish on your local machine.
Your keys are now added for SFTP. Close the Settings window.
5. Provide the following details:
a. Host (your servers IP)
b. Username (domain user)
c. Port (22 i.e default SSH port)
6. Click on Quickconnect button.
7. The first time you login it will show you Unknown Host key message.You can ignore this message and click on OK to continue.
8. You will now be displayed a Filezilla window containing information about the local and remote computers. The left side panel will contain the files and directories present on your local computer whereas the right side panel will contain the files and directories present on the remote computer.
9. You can simply drag and drop or copy and paste the files and folder from left pane(your local machine) to right pane(remote server).

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