Sunday, January 7, 2018

How to install openvpn on android devices

1) Download the openvpn client from the play store.
2) extract the vpn certificate (that we have shared on mail)
Below files will be there on vpn certificates:
3) Open the openvpn application
4) Once you opened the openvpn application, select add / plus symbol (will be showing at the bottom of the app) -> Select import vpn profile -> Go to the vpn extracted path and add the instantpay.client.conf file.
Once you have add the conf file, the application automatically switched to authentication mode
5) In that authentication window, please follow the below steps
Click certificate -> select import certificate -> ADD THE FILE (eg) : AF104393A6291DD.pem
Private key -> select import private key -> name.pem (eg): user.pem
Certification authorires -> add the plus symbol -> add cancert.cert
Exra certficate -> leave it
6) Click the tick symbol at the top right corner of the application and then save the configuration.
Now vpn-client is added, turn it on to connect the vpn -> click ok
Once connected, you can see the Initialization Sequence completed on the openvpn.
To check it -> click the vpn-client -> click log -> you can see at the bottom -> Initialization Sequence completed

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